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Why Vim is awesome

Posted on in vim

In this post, I’ll just list some things I love about Vim. This post is not intended to teach you how to use Vim, I won’t deeply explain the commands I use, I just want you to see how easy things can be with Vim. Repeatable commands Something I love about Vim is that it […]

What is Dependency Injection?

Posted on in php, rails, ruby, webdev

If you are a developer, chances are you know what Object Oriented code is. You might have also heard about Object Oriented Design Patterns; Things like single responsibilities, Dependency Injection (DI) and decoupled code. All those things help you write code that is easier to change and test. Beeing a quite abstract concept, they apply […]

Why I prefer Bourbon over Bootstrap

Posted on in frontend, sass, webdev

I wouldn’t say I’m a performance addict, but I do like to write code which is efficient, easy to read and maintain. Most of the time that can be summed up as Keep It Simple, Stupid! But sometimes what might seem simple at first ends up beeing not-so-simple in the end! One could say Bootstrap […]

FontAwesome Sass mixin for Rails

Posted on in rails, webdev

This is gonna be a short one. I’ve always used and loved FontAwesome, it has a bunch of well designed icons you can use for free in your app. There are some alternatives of course, but FA is well supported pretty much anywhere. For example, if you want to integrate FA with Rails, all you […]

Object Oriented Javascript

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If you are reading this I’d like to assume you know what Javascript is and the fact that it’s object oriented, what not many people know though is how to do the most common object oriented “things” in Javascript, such as inheritance, private functions and such. The fact that Javascript is prototype based and not […]