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Object Oriented Javascript

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If you are reading this I’d like to assume you know what Javascript is and the fact that it’s object oriented, what not many people know though is how to do the most common object oriented “things” in Javascript, such as inheritance, private functions and such. The fact that Javascript is prototype based and not […]

Smarter Javascript Callbacks

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Every Javascript developer has used callbacks, some love them, some hate them, but there’s no denial you’ll have to deal with callbacks if you touch Javascript code. What not many people know for some reason is the concept of two nifty functions existant in libraries such as Underscore and LoDash, namely debounce and throttle. The […]

PubSub Design Pattern

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Welcome to this humble article on the PubSub design pattern in Javascript. If you have ever written a relatively big Javascript app you’ll know that it can get out of hand pretty quickly, for that very reason there are lots of solutions out there that you can use to aid you in this issue, design […]