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Why Vim is awesome

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In this post, I’ll just list some things I love about Vim. This post is not intended to teach you how to use Vim, I won’t deeply explain the commands I use, I just want you to see how easy things can be with Vim. Repeatable commands Something I love about Vim is that it […]

Using Vim in modern WebDev

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Vim is old, there’s no surprise there. It is though, one of the most used tools by developers all over the world. Why? You might ask. In this post I’ll try to elaborate on my reasons to use this editor and basically just let you know why I enjoy Vim more than any other editor […]

Vim Registers

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Vim isn’t like your standard text editor, and as such it has it’s own jargon or vocabulary; Registers are closely related to copy, cut and paste operations, as they are normally known, but in Vim it’s called yank, delete and put, at first it might just seem silly but it does have a reason as […]