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Smarter Javascript Callbacks

Posted on in javascript, webdev

Every Javascript developer has used callbacks, some love them, some hate them, but there’s no denial you’ll have to deal with callbacks if you touch Javascript code. What not many people know for some reason is the concept of two nifty functions existant in libraries such as Underscore and LoDash, namely debounce and throttle. The […]

Using Vim in modern WebDev

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Vim is old, there’s no surprise there. It is though, one of the most used tools by developers all over the world. Why? You might ask. In this post I’ll try to elaborate on my reasons to use this editor and basically just let you know why I enjoy Vim more than any other editor […]

Choosing a Font

Posted on in typography, webdev

For web developers creating themes, choosing a font — or shall I say typeface, can be quite daunting and might even be quite random. A common question developers ask designers is “Which font should I use?”. That’s like asking “Which framework should I use?”, the answer will most likely vary depending on your needs. What […]

PubSub Design Pattern

Posted on in javascript, webdev

Welcome to this humble article on the PubSub design pattern in Javascript. If you have ever written a relatively big Javascript app you’ll know that it can get out of hand pretty quickly, for that very reason there are lots of solutions out there that you can use to aid you in this issue, design […]

Vim Registers

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Vim isn’t like your standard text editor, and as such it has it’s own jargon or vocabulary; Registers are closely related to copy, cut and paste operations, as they are normally known, but in Vim it’s called yank, delete and put, at first it might just seem silly but it does have a reason as […]